Baby Keepsake Ring Hand Made 14k Rose Gold sizes 00, 0, 1 also yellow & white

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Baby Keepsake Ring –
14k Rose Gold, Yellow, or White Gold


Babies and small children can get a ring off
their finger and into their mouth where it becomes a choking hazard.  Babies and
small children should never be left unattended while wearing jewelry of any
kind.  Constant ongoing attentive adult supervision is required while a baby or
small child is wearing a ring.  Never leave a baby or small child alone with a
ring on their finger.  Baby rings are intended for use as a keepsake to
commemorate the birth of the child rather than as a ring to actually be worn on
the baby’s finger.  Please keep your precious little ones safe from harm.

Baby’s First Ring. Elegant little hand crafted 14k gold baby keepsake ring. The shank measures about 1.5mm wide and
.75mm thick, and is engraved 14 K on the inside. The ring weighs about
.40 grams on the size 00 rings. 
The ring is pictured in 14k rose gold, but you can also choose 14k yellow gold
or 14k white gold when you order.  This ring is available in 3 sizes:  00, 0,
and 1.  The ring pictured is size 00.

The size 00 rings are $59.00, and the size 0 or size 1 rings are $69.00.


Size 00
11mm inside diameter, 34mm circumference.
This is the size most people purchase for an infant. 
This ring is most likely too small for a baby over 3 months old. 
This is the size ring shown in the pictures above.

Size 0
11.6 mm inside diameter, 36.5mm circumference.

Size 1
12.5 mm inside diameter, 39.1mm circumference. 
Adult women with small hands often wear a size 1 ring
as a pinky ring or first knuckle ring.

The rings pictured above are 14k rose gold, size 00.  The
last picture shows the ring next to a U.S. Dime coin for visual size
comparison.  I keep the size 00 ring in rose and yellow gold made and ready to ship
within 1 day of your order.  I will make the white gold and other sizes of rings when
you order them.  I can usually have these ready to ship within 3 to 5 business

If you need a ring size larger than size 1 for an older baby or child, please
contact me for a price,
 or look at the other rings I have listed in my Ebay Store category titled
Keepsake Rings”

PROPER FINGER SIZING: There is no way to accurately guess or
estimate the finger size you need for a ring to fit properly. The only way to
obtain an accurate finger measurement is to use the METAL finger gauges used by
jewelers. Go to a store that sells rings, and get the finger measured. They will
be happy to do this for you. Finger size is totally unrelated to body size or
shoe size. Using string or ribbon to measure the finger is not accurate.
Printing a paper off the internet and wrapping it around your finger may work if
you plan to wear a piece of paper on your finger; but if you plan to wear a
silver or gold ring, this is not accurate. Again, the only reliably accurate way
is to use metal finger gauges graduated in 1/2 sizes, until you find the one
that fits best. Also keep in mind that fingers are smaller when it is very cold,
and larger when it is hot and humid. Receiving a new ring that is too large or
small is quite disappointing. You will be far happier if you take the time to
obtain an accurate size before ordering.

The perfect keepsake for a baby born in June. Small enough to fit on a baby’s finger now, and it can be worn as a pendant on a
silver necklace chain in the future.

I make these baby rings with all 12 birthstones, and also in
sterling silver.  Please check my
eBay store, or use
Contact Seller for more information.


 To check my other current offerings,

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Please check with your customs officials to see if you can legally purchase
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countries do not allow you to purchase jewelry, gems, or precious metals
from outside your own country.  CHECK WITH
CUSTOMS BEFORE BIDDING.  Also please be aware of
customs duty taxes.  Your country’s customs office will charge
you a customs duty tax on your purchase before they will deliver it to you. 
It is your responsibility to pay your customs tax on your package; this is
not included in the purchase price and shipping that you pay me. 
In some countries this tax is quite high. 

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Only $59.00
Buy with confidence